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BP v NSW Country 2015 2

Each year Brumbies Rugby hold the Provincial Championship which is contested between representative sides from the Southern Inland, Monaro, and South Coast regions over the June Long Weekend. The Championship venue rotates between the three regions each year. The 2016 Provincial Championship were held in Batemans Bay from the 11th – 13th June. Southern Inland were the deserved winners of the Championships winning both games comprehensively. This is the 6th consecutive year Southern Inland have won the Championships.

At the conclusion of the Championships, The Brumbies Provincial Side was selected to play a match against the NSW Country Cockatoos on Saturday 18th June in Bathurst.

Brumbies Provincial Championship Results

Game 1:
South Coast 50
(Tries: A Kenny 2, De Villers Hugo 2, S Prail 2, T Bollard & J Woeman – Con: J Steele 5) defeated Monaro 12 (Tries: B Madden & S Gautusa – Con: R Morgan)

3 Points:                S Prail #10 – Bungendore, South Coast
2 points:                A Kenny #6 – Batemans Bay, South Coast
1 point:                 J Reardon #9 – Goulburn, Monaro

Game 2:
Southern Inland 59
(Tries: S Bunny 2, A Le Lievre 2, J Daley, M Meggison, R Brennan, G Borwn – Con: A Le Lievre 8 – PG: A Le Lievre 1) defeated South Coast 17 (Tries: De Villers Hugo, Z Jerrim – Con: J Steele 2 – PG: J Steele)

3 Points:                T Naude #6 – Wagga Ag, SIRU
2 points:                S Vunilagi #8 – Leeton, SIRU
1 point:                 S Prail #10 – Bungendore, South Coast

Game 3:
Southern Inland 72 (Tries: S Vunilagi 4, J Stanton 2, M Meggison, T Manualevo, S Fili, M Ivill – Con: A Le Lievre 7, S Tracey) defeated Monaro 0

3 Points:                A Le Lievre – Wagga Waratahs, SIRU
2 points:                T Naude #6 – Wagga Ag, SIRU
1 point:                 S Vunilagi #8 – Leeton, SIRU

2016 Brumbies Provincial Championships Player of the Tournament – Tanian Naude #6 – Wagga Ag, SIRU

2016 Brumbies Provincial Team

1Dan Patu (Leeton, SIRU)9Stuart Dyer (Leeton, SIRU)16James Bell (Batemans Bay, SC)
2Tom Duston (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)10Steve Prail (Bungendore, SC)17Wes Malton (Uni Norths, MON)
3James Daley (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)11Riley Brennan (Wagga Ag, SIRU)18Solomon Fili (Leeton, SIRU)
4Matt Meggison (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)12Tino Manuolevao (Tumut, SIRU)19Ash Kenny (Batemans Bay, SC)
5Dan Dowson (Tumut, SIRU)13Gus Le Lievre (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)20Simon Vunilagi (Leton, SIRU)
6Tanian Naude (Wagga Ag, SIRU)14Tom Bollard (Broulee, SC)21John Steele (Bungendore, SC)
7Sam Bunny (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)15Steve Tracey (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)22Bart Whitely (Wagga Tahs, SIRU)
8Andy Gosslett (Bungendore, SC)  23Siti Watkins (Leeton, SIRU)
   Richard Skellern – Coach (SIRU)  
   Seru Rogo – Ast Coach (SIRU)  
   Nick McCarthy – Manager (SIRU)  
   Rob McPherson – Trainer (SIRU)  
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