Emerging Coaches Course (World Rugby Level 3)

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The Emerging Coaches Course is run by both the Brumbies, and the Australian Rugby Union. It is envisaged that this program will run every 2nd year.  The Emerging Coaches Course enables coaches who have already held ARU Level 2 accreditation to gain a higher level of accreditation and education, and ultimately coaches can gain their World Rugby Level 3 accreditation through the Emerging Coaches Course. On the ARU’s hierarchy of accreditation, this course sits between the ARU Level 2 and ARU Level 3 programs, and in future all coaches wishing to gain their ARU Level 3 (Performance Coaching course) will need to go through this program.
The ECC involves 2 weekends of face to face courses, one facilitated at the start of the season by Brumbies Rugby, and one at the end of the season facilitated by the ARU and World Rugby staff. The program also consists of a number of online courses, and coaches are also expected to attend a player development program so that they can be filmed actively coaching. Each coach in the program is also expected to attend the Brumbies Advanced Coaching Seminar.


To gain World Rugby Level 3 accreditation coaches will need to;

  • Complete the Brumbies Emerging Coaches Course weekend (start of season)
  • Complete the ARU/World Rugby Emerging Coaches weekend (end of season)
  • Complete all relevant World Rugby online exams
  • Complete a Self-Reflection form
  • Complete 60 hours of session plans in a Coaching Diary
  • Complete multiple Coach Assessments with a coach educator through the year

To register for an Emerging Coaches Course, you will need to login to the ARU Learning Centre which can be found at the following link –

For information on Emerging Coaches Courses or World Rugby Level 3 accreditation contact Daniel Hooper – Brumbies Coaching and Development manager – – (02) 6283 8518.

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